Wednesday, 8 January 2014

And a Happy 2014 to you

To those who read this, I hope you had a splendid festive holiday and New Year. I certainly did. I actually couldn't have asked for a better way to see in 2014.
I had hoped to be celebrating any possible kidney news by this time, but alas this was not to be.
As previously mentioned, the usual wait for the kidney compatibility tests are 3 - 4 weeks. I had the misfortune of hitting the festive season, so had to wait that little bit longer as people were now on leave.

Yesterday, 7 January and my 30th, two hours before Tom and I head out for a Chinese meal at the same restaurant we've been going to for each birthday for several years now with my parents, we finally got the call.
Out of the 3 donors, my mum is. rather surprisingly, out due to having a different blood type and age maturing her kidney function so they're sufficient for a mature woman but not enough to support someone with weakening kidneys. The third person was completely out (which we kind of suspected would be the case).

But Tom...may just about pass. If I understood correctly, he's the same blood and tissue type, but he's got 1 out of 6 antibodies in his system which might impede a successful transplant.
However. They have treatments for these kinds of things so it's possible we might be able to work around it.

Our living donor contact is speaking with a consultant on whether it's worth trying to make this transplant work. We'll get the final news on Thursday.

It's possible I'll be ending the week of my birthday with good news. How do I feel? No different to when I had to wait before. I'm still waiting.
Truth be told, I'm not actually raising my hopes for anything until I'm on the operating table as there's a good chance anything can happen throughout the process and I can't risk setting myself up for potential major disappointment.
So...I don't worry about it...for now.

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