Saturday, 18 January 2014 it me you're looking for

It's now Saturday...about well over a week since we were told 'I'll call you in two days time'. confirming if Tom's a match.

Getting a little bored of this now. I like to think I've patience in regard to health stuff as I understand there are priorities out there, but if someone says they're going to call on a specific date I'd rather a 'sorry, we don't have a details yet, it might be another month til we get the news' rather than just sitting here, expecting every call to be it.

Plus, if Tom's not a match, fine! Not a problem! But can you let us know so we can get on with finding another possible match please?

So...will be trying to call again and trying other contacts who might not have the details but might be able to give her a nudge and see what happens.

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