Monday, 23 December 2013

Compatibility update

Seems that on top of waiting for the usual 3 - 4 week waiting period, due to Christmas/New Year/people generally being away, there's a good chance we now won't hear anything until mid to end January.

This doesn't bother me.

Remember the post in which I described sitting in a waiting room for 2 hours waiting for the glaucoma patients to go first before I had my blood test, and I didn't mind waiting half as much because I understood the need for priority?
That. Only this is a more metaphysical version of that waiting, naturally.

I've a number of other things I'm waiting on and the fact that I've already been waiting for this long....another month is no big deal. Again, I'm appreciate the state I'm in and realise there are others out there less fortunate. I don't feel 100% a lot of the time, but that's now just part of my every day life. I just don't exert myself and sleep a lot.

(I'm hoping this post doesn't sound preachy or '*chuckle* I'm just so awesome', mainly because today I write this post with the slight headache I woke up with so may be ill judging the tone of this post).

So...more waiting. Would have been an awesome Christmas present, but I'm currently just looking forward to chilling out and spending time with family, seeing a friend I haven't seen in too long (whom I've known since Primary School)....and my birthday in January!

On that note, if I don't write another entry before then....a very Happy Christmas/Festive Season to all who read this!!

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