Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A week to go...ish

Ok. So having just confirmed another batch to see me til my next appointment in January, I've been informed that the company which creates my anaemia injections will be shutting down over Christmas. Given the fact that, since having these injections, my doctor informs me I'm basically stable and everyone's noticed a difference in me (ignore the need for a nap in the afternoon after going out), my initial thought was definitely this:

 Cue comedy sitcom, inner monologue, single scream: ARGH

Don't get me wrong, I personally find the injection is bit of a pain in the ass (...well...belly) as my skin can go through phases of being particularly sensitive which makes the experience a bit uncomfortable (for about a second, but still!). So, I wouldn't miss them.
Not to mention a part of me is hoping the injections being taken away is a sign and a chance I'll receive good news of a compatible donor around Christmas. You know, take one thing away and replace it with another...better thing?

But still! I've some time to go before that!

My next doctor appointment is in January...a few days after I become 30. There I'll discuss 1) potential new donor 2) a substitute for the injections.

Re: the donor, I AM living in the frame of mind of 'yeeaaahh no this isn't going to be that smooth. It's very unlikely they'll definitely find a new donor with the first batch'. This is to safe myself any disappointment which may hit.

But wouldn't it be...nice? A nice little end of year/30th birthday present.

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