Monday, 9 December 2013

A bit of clarity

First off, I appear to have placed a statistical error in my previous post which was highlighted to me by Anon. I publishing the comment alongside the post rather than change the post to ensure the correction was there and I didn't accidentally change it the wrong way (I'm no good with numbers...I've self-diagnosed numerical dyslexia. Numbers change order in my head). 

Day before yesterday, was the Purple Theatre Company's Christmas party. So I had fun getting all dressed up. It's the end of year month, I plan on enjoying myself at parties.

As I applied the final touches, I started idly thinking about Christmas, New Year and how things are going to change in 2014 when I realised I'm feeling exam relief: that chemical feeling you get when you've spent months researching and preparation then finally writing draft after draft to put the final piece together and knowing you'll be handing it in soon?
I'm feeling that.

It also occurred to me that for the first time since this renal business began, I've started writing again.
The last few years, I haven't been able to just sit and commit to working on the novel I started roughly 7 years ago. I'd try and have another shot at it and find myself highly dissatisfied by what I'd written. And this is coming from someone who used to be able to hammer short stories and poems out all the time. 
I couldn't even contemplate dealing with the block my current novel was facing. And this block was huge. Without resolving it, there was no way I could continue the rest of the story running smoothly. 
I missed the joy of just sitting down and feeling the story flow. 

Then, a few days ago (after the compatibility testing had been done), Tom and I popped out to the shops and I randomly decided to talk to Tom about the block. I think a part of me was frustrated that I, a creative writing student, was having difficulty writing, and he was working his way through short story after short story (see previous post for link).
And as I talked Tom, the ideas just started to flow again. I felt a renewed interest in writing and demolished the writer's block I'd been facing for too long. It's as if making this huge progress in regard to my kidney treatment pushed something in me and the veil just....lifted.

Let's see how far I can make the story progress now!

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