Friday, 14 February 2014

The world through a fish bowl

(The funny thing about feeling the way I do as described in today's entry is I'm not entirely sure if I've posted something similar in the past. Even using the same expressions I may have used before. If I have, then see this as a....measure of frequency to how often I

These past two weeks have mainly been sponsored by the following feeling;


No, I haven't found a new spiritual level. Just that my habit of walking into a room, pausing, then muttering the words 'what am I doing here?' has dramatically increased.
Now I know I've probably got a reputation for being a bit distracted, for being a bit dizzy, but this is starting to take the biscuit.
Pretty much every time I get up and move into another room, within seconds I forget why.
Every. Time. And this has been happening for almost 2 weeks now.

And although the nausea and unpleasant, early on fullness I've been getting every time I eat a meal has abated somewhat, I'm still waking up every other day feeling ravenously hungry, rather than getting the slow build up from peckish to 'Eat all the food!!!' I go straight to feeling like I haven't eaten in a week.

Fortunately, freelance/TFP (Time For Print) work is on the rise, keeping me distracted and fingers crossed my new indent ad should be out soon, so it's almost like I'm sacrificing physical comfort for a decent boost in work occupation.
......Not sure which I'd prefer to be honest. Perhaps the latter as I can just about ignore ill health whereas getting work can be more of a struggle.
I'm still getting out and about as I'm not sofa ridden, but I usually get smacked down by the evening, which has prevented me from attending the odd social gathering and taking on night shoot jobs as an extra.
Work wise I can't face standing around for several hours, potentially in the freezing cold feeling like this. Even if I'm inside, it's still a bit much.
And it's not just a matter of rest. Work can be quiet at times, so I spend time chilling out at home. That's made no difference to the low energy I feel.
Guess I'll just ride the wave.

In other, slightly random news, today I learnt that after the transplant, keeping pets is no problem. As long as I don't 1) clean the fish 2) avoid the litter tray as if I have an unseen cut on my hand, it can let bacteria in and basically mess me up.
Fair enough. Today, however, is the first day I've cleaned the tank in a while (Tom's been good enough to do it as I haven't had the physical strength needed to move the tank), and today I gave it a go with good success.
Then found a cut on my hand. Which has never happened to me in all the years we've had a tank.

Really?? Just after I read that information?

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