Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ah...I've been expecting you

Seems the feeling weird was a combination of Dyspepsia (an ongoing form of indigestion which involves stomach acids playing up - getting burpy and bloaty. Usually treated by Rennie...which I can't take. hurrah) and a head cold. My sinuses are awake and sneezy. However, before a cold can reveal itself, it has to give me some weird, existentially based thoughts and worries. Unimpressed.
I'm also wondering if I was a little nervous about the seminar as any emotional feelings also seem to have subsided.

In a way, I'm relieved as I hate feeling so disorientated. However, it did mean that, during yesterday's seminar, I was aware for the first 3 hours, then felt myself zone out every so often for the final hour.
It was really interesting, but I found I was exhausted by the end despite the main activity being popping to the loo or getting tea.

Ok....I was planning on writing up the experience in the next blog after the previous one, but I've just had to correct a number of pointless and silly grammatical and spelling issues, so perhaps now is not the best time.
May leave the update for another time.


*initiating mode 'combat cold before it sofa's me'*

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