Wednesday, 6 November 2013

When life offers you a big 50/50

So...a couple of updates since my last entry:

My donor list has been given to the living donor team. Now waiting for action. As I'm not an urgent case and I don't want anything huge done until 2014, they won't be in contact for at least a few weeks.

I recently received an e-mail from the nurse who supplies my anaemia injections, suggesting I ask my specialist about starting an Intravenous Iron Infusion treatment.
I'm informed, although my hemoglobin level is fine, there may be an issue with  my iron level. She said it might explain why, despite weekly injections, I'm still very tired.
The iron treatment should reduce the number of times I need the injections and on top of that, I'll get a renewed burst f energy.
I'm happy to agree to this as I used to be able to run full pelt around a field and now I can't even walk up the stairs in my own home without getting out of breathe and light-headed? Come on.
My main concern is that the treatment will end up being a little like dialysis. However, this is based on worry, and vague online comments I've come across, so I'll leave any concerns to my appointment with the specialist on 15th.

And finally, my December meeting with the renal pregnancy consultant was moved to earlier this month due to a cancellation: an opportunity I grabbed with both hands.
Where the renal specialist gave a vague over view of what we could expect a pre-transplant pregnancy to bring, the renal pregnancy specialist filled in every possible blank.
What she said wasn't necessary fear inducing but made me think: 'yup...still shoving a new kidney in there!'

Basically, if I were to fall pregnant now, there would be a 50/50 chance everything could go wrong with the baby, preeclampsia being the biggy (
On top of that, my general renal failure could prevent the baby from receiving the full care that it needs, resulting in not just numerous health issues for both of us, but forcing the doctors to push the birth forward to save both myself and the baby, thus creating a premature child who would need even more assistance keeping alive. I would have to be seriously monitored throughout.
On hearing all the information the consultant had to give...and paling a little...I jumped in quickly as she took a breathe mid-sentence: 'this is before a transplant, I'm assuming?'
'Oh yes, with a transplant, everything would be completely different and I'd be more than happy to encourage conception.'. I'd still need monitoring, but not half as much as if I fell pregnant now.
As long as everything was successful, not only would I feel a ton better, but my body would reach a new level of fertility and I'd be able to procreate as normal, with a now increased chance of a healthy baby.

How did I feel after this talk? Not much difference than what I felt before I went in. I'm now wiser, but it didn't really come as a shock as she just detailed what we knew.

I've also just been reminded I have my flu jab this afternoon. Commence feeling pretty pants for the next few days. Joy. But worth 'feeling a bit pants' against 'oh god I can't move and I'm dying'.

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