Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The owie

Thanks to renal failure, I now have flu-jabs every year. And mine was today.

After being reminded by hubby, I briefly surveyed my clothes, selecting my warmest 'injection friendly' items (injection friendly = giving nurse easy access to arms whilst not stripping off) and grabbed the most suitable finds: a T-Shirt, an armless wooly jumper and a thick wollen cardigan (which mum bought me years ago and I'm still extremely grateful for).

It wasn't til we got home, I had a mini 'my arm huuuuurts' whine and hug from Tom that we realised the irony of the t-shirt I'd chosen for the event; the t-shirt and jumper working together to create a wonderfully sad little image -

'I jus' wanna be your friend....' - sad faced pulled for the photo. I'm fine.

The t-shirt I'd subconsciously decided to wear was my cactus captioned 'Hugz?' shirt.
The little face peaking out is a statement to flu-jabs everywhere: it just wants to help...even if it does hurt when you let it.

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