Monday, 23 February 2015

She's baaaaaaack

The 9th February saw me in hospital for the long awaited transplant. Tuesday a week later saw me back home.
Transplant to discharge took a week.
Pretty impressive if I don't say so myself.

A week later, I've been at home with my parents and to 2 clinic visits. Well....3 if you count today's.

This entry is no where near as long as I intended my first entry out of hospital to be, but the foot long, stapled scar across/down my torso makes it difficult for me to sit at my computer desk for long enough (I'm writing this on my mobile as my tablet is currently plugged in and out of reach). So at some point in the next month, I'll be entering a diary style post of my experience in hospital.

In the mean time here's a brief update:
1) I'm now on all the medication ever including 2 injections (1 daily, another 3 times a week).
2) stomach still going through some discomfort as the scar heals and staples adjust.
3) I've developed deep vein thrombosis in one vein in my right arm which is apparently completely normal and should disappate in a few weeks. But gives me a dull ache.
4) I had a touch of all over itchiness, which was my liver reacting to the drugs, but that's now passed.
5) and most donor left hospital a couple of days before me andis doing very very well

My mind is more focused, I remember things with more ease. I'm a little tired as I slowly recover, but otherwise I no longer feel the need to nap. My stride is a hell of a lot slower and calmer as I can't rush. has to be said....Frankie's back.....

More to come. This is just an entry to announce my triumphant return to society. Well....out the hospital anyway.

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