Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Look at this through my eyes

On seeing this picture online, I was struck simultaneously by sadness and joy at how beautifully melancholy it is. However, I then realised the angel is smiling and death is sitting on cards which means he's playfully cheating. And now all I can see is the smile in this picture.
I then had another flash image in my head: this picture, but with me....sat up in the bed...grinning from ear to ear, my eyes swivelling across both players. I then found myself laughing and thought 'I'd want to be "awake" for that so I can troll them both with a huge grin on my face'.

When I go, I plan to go grinning and making the afterlife facepalm itself whilst I stand there giggling.
Ladies and gents, this is a morbid subject, but a very real one. When my time comes, I want you to imagine me quiet...reliving the more serious times in my life....then snerking because I can't keep a straight face any more, then cracking up at what I'm attempting to do.

I'm a random and strange person. Celebrate this fact. I try and fill my life with as much colour as possible (in fact my favourite shirt is a multi coloured checkered number). Remember me in colour....not monochrome

I know a lot of people are going to feel a twinge on seeing this, but honestly....all I can see now is the smile.

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