Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The truth....

This written post is an introduction to the video link above. This weekend, I attended a larp event and played a monster character who I later realised was a little closer to the truth than I realised.
I usually base the vlog on a written post and use that as a 'script' whilst trying to keep it as 'natural' as possible.
As I wanted this entry to be from the heart, I haven't written one, I didn't practice it in advance....this is just me. Speaking to the camera. Showing the real me. Confessing to a reality based around the monster role and the experience.

Writing the blog would have removed the raw reality I wanted to demonstrate. Some of the statements I may not make 100% sense, but that's because they work with the knowledge I have in my head which I somehow seem to accidentally avoid sharing...almost like I'm talking to myself and forcing myself to accept a couple of things. Which I think in a way I am.

I actually came to a couple of realisations whilst I did this blog. See if you can spot where.


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