Monday, 12 May 2014

Update and plug

An intensive couple of weeks for me with a casting, an extras job, then another job due to getting the casting (I know, right!!). And this week I've got three days worth of extra work.
Yeah, it's one of those 'when it rains it pours' moments. Above everything else, there was a slight issue with my EPO anaemia injections and I went the last 2 weeks without taking the dose whilst trying to sort the issue out. That said....after taking them for so long, I hadn't quite realised the difference they made. It really made me appreciate the energy levels I now have [quick reassure moment...I'm fine].
I've started taking them again and feeling a world of difference.

After this week's work, I'm now anticipating the silence to return, leaving me twiddling my fingers and learning those lines. On that note:



Slightly off topic, from Wednesday 18th - Saturday 21st June (7.30pm) I invite you, dear reader, to come see me perform as Sorel in Noel Coward's comedy


Perhaps it is not surprising that Judith, a 'retired' actress, her husband David, a novelist, and their two equally bohemian children, Sorel and Simon, have each invited a guest for the weekend, but neglected to tell anyone else! When the unfortunate guests arrive, they find themselves alternately amused, embarrassed, humiliated and ignored as their hosts continue to behave just as they please. How will their visitors cope with being thrown into the melodramatic scenes which form a natural part of their hosts' daily life?

Tickets: £13 (£11 Concessions)
At: The Compass Theatre, Ickenham.
Box Office: 01895 673 200 
(open Monday - Friday: 10.30 am - 5pm and Saturdays 10 - 1pm)


Do e-mail the address above if you've any questions



On a medical front: in my last post, I mentioned something along the lines of 'plasma exchange' (not plasma transfusion as originally stated).
My doctor informed me that this procedure is a complicated and difficult one which he wouldn't whole heartedly recommend. Maybe, if things do stretch out and I don't get any closer to having a donor, we MIGHT look into it. But it's not a process he'd put in front of me for consideration yet.
Fair enough. This was actually the response I expected so I moved on.

I am now looking towards Paired Pooling: out in the world, there are recipients and those who want to help the recipient but can't. Therefore, those pairs step into a huge database and, after a while are matched to another couple just like them. And a kidney swap takes place.
This procedure is slightly different to the live donor process I'm currently going through as 1) I know the people stepping forward and 2) the decision to go into surgery is final. As there are other people involved, those who've decided to go ahead with it....can't really say change their minds. So everyone has to be 100% committed.

We're still got a couple more people to test, but I'm mentally preparing myself for another no, and already taking a running jump into the next decision when I receive that no.

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