Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Plug for artistic talent!

It's just clicked that I should have written this sooner, but my mind has been in a few different places recently (highs and lows), so I'd like to apologise to my friend for not having done this before!

Joni-Rae Carrack (left) and I have known each other for a while now. I've pulled through some difficult situations because of the strength I've seen in her and worked to reflect it in myself.

Emotion and creativity can be explored and represented in a wide variety of different ways, and, being the daughter of an arty family, I love all forms of creativity.
Since watching the stage production of 'War Horse' (if you can get yourself to the theatre to see it, DO!) and 'The Wild Bride' (absolutely astounding), the form that's recently captured my heart is puppetry.
It's an art form which should be endorsed...at all levels!

This being the case, please check her and her friend, Dana's production of 'Buttons' at The Little Angel Theatre, tonight (11 March) and tomorrow (12 March):

And if you're unable to make this show, please follow her Facebook: Joni-Rae Carrack Puppeteer

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