Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Outweighing the good with the bad

Yesterday, I had one of the most enjoyable shoots I've had in a while: I worked as an extra on a beautiful day, in a beautiful location with a number of fantastic people in a terrific shoot plus getting to meet and talk (very briefly) with someone I've admired for many years now. Plus I spent the day with a group of people who gave me the best laugh I've ever had on a shoot and, at the end, had a supporting artist director tell me to try and get a gig on the Avengers movie so we could work together. I would if I could!!
So much fun it was ridiculous!

Today I woke feeling exhausted and with a banging headache. Ignoring this, I returned the call I'd received from my renal contact and was notified that the last two people I had tested for compatibility may not be suitable either. She still needs to talk to the consultant, but it's not looking good.
It seems antibodies are my biggest road block right now.

On top of that, I had a course later this evening to meet some people I've wanted to meet since I got into this game, but my energy was too low and despite paracetamol and washing my hair (thus massaging my scalp), it made no difference and I had to cancel.

This got a bit much for me and I left a message with the renal counsellor I saw before deciding to have the transplant, who very kindly called me back immediately and arranged a meeting for next week.
It's as if having a blast yesterday meant I had to pay for it today with everything coming down at once.

That said, everything probably blown out of proportions now because I've a pounding headache and I'm feeling blue over the health results.

See? Starting to feel better already

However, today it's just hit me hard and I need to allow it to temporarily drag me down before I can perk up again.

I'll be fine by tomorrow. You'll see.

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