Monday, 23 November 2015

And now...the end is near

Ok so the title sounds a touch more ominous than I meant it to be...but hear me out...

It's been 9 month since my operation and I'm a new person now. I was going to say 'back to my old self' but what's interesting is I spent 5 years with my kidneys slowly deteriorating so in my mind I was a physically weak, somewhat...clouded person and during that time, I encountered a whole load of experiences and grew from them.'s 9 months since my operation...and I'm finally phoenixing my way out of the last 5...6 years. The last year was for recovery.

Either way, I'm definitely healthier. I was thinking about this the other night, actually, remembering how the past few years have been and how much has changed. How much clearer I see things, how much quicker I think and process things now. It's as if the new kidney literally changed the person I was...yet used my personality and experiences as a back up file to create who I am today.

I then realised the other day, I have literally spent the majority of this year...recovering. Couldn't get my head around the fact that it's now November...and I'm finally feeling relatively normal again.

On that note, I'm stepping away from my blog. I'm slowly trying to return to what I recognise as a semblance of normal living and working on the blog can be a bit of a reminder as to what I've been through these last few years. one of the reasons this post took so long to write then publish.
My clinic visits have reduced to monthly, and apart from the odd scar itch or discomfort and the aching in my legs and back which I'm told should pass over time, I'm basically physically fine.

Mentally...well....that's kind of a different case as I'm initiating a course of CBT as my anxiety attacks are back and I'm struggling to go into social situations again....but, that's just me. And not for this blog.

I think now's the right time to step back.

Until the next chaotic thing happens.

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