Sunday, 10 May 2015

Update: MRI and Anti-depressants

I interrupt my Diary of a Transplant Patient posts because this week has been the most interesting during my recovery. To me anyway...
Plus didn't have time to finalise the next entry I was going to put up: last weekend I was out of London then back for Tuesday and in time for my 8am MRI scan in hospital on Wednesday and been preparing for work stuff of Saturday since.
It's been exactly 3 months and 1 day since the operation, a milestone in a kidney transplant as the patient can finally start slowly returning to work. It also means I'm attending clinic once every 2 weeks now. To mark this, although I've been having ultra sounds to ensure everything's A-ok, the MRI should show a hella lot more in greater detail.

The MRI itself took 10 minutes: the first 5 just a normal scan, then next 5 with liquid from an external machine being added to the newly placed cannula in my arm (pre scan) to help them see the kidneys function in a different light. I could literally feel the liquid moving down my arm, into my side and into the kidney. I freaked out just a touch, then reassured myself there were people watching me and I had a buzzer in case I needed help.
As I came out of the machine, I was then informed that they (and I) had been extremely lucky as a power cut hit JUST as the MRI was finished. No idea if it was departmental or whole building.
I should get any results back on Thursday (my usual clinic day). Hopefully it'll also explain why I still ache a touch when I go to the bathroom but there's no sign of infection.

In the meantime, it seems the iron infusion and my diet of iron heavy foods combined with orange juice (helps absorb iron into the system), has made a major difference to my life.

In other news, work is slowly progressing well and I'm in damned good spirits.
This being the case...and as per the doctor's consent....I'm now weaning myself off the Anti depressants. I'm working under the theory that I'm in a good place and things are progressing with that in mind, I'm now taking them every other day. As of today.
The drug I'm on, Fluoxetine, is apparently easier to climb down off than other drugs, so hopefully it'll be an easy ride. However, I'm also very aware that I may hit pockets of discomfort, have pre-warned Tom so he has an idea of what to goes...

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